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Best Episode Ever S5E06 - Scratching and Surviving

On this week's episode...

Bob gets his sparklies on with Solid Gold.

Dave gets his fatigues on with Combat!

Anth gets his 70s on with Good Times.

PLUS! We introduce our retro Best TV Theme Ever competition for TV Themes pre-1990. If you'd like to submit a recommendation, please add it in the comments below. Next episode we introduce the roster of 32 to be whittled down each week until we hit the best! You may try to persuade us all you wish. After next week's episode, the bracket will be publicized for your purview.

Thanks everyone for the comments, tweets and retweets, shares and likes. We'd probably geek out on these conversations anyway, but it's cool to know others dig this stuff as much as we do. Visit our other podcast, The Marshall McLuhan Variety Hour, at!