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Best Episode Ever S4E7 - The Imps of the Ice

This week Dave and Bob, lost without their usual winter hockey fixes, seek to rekindle old memories of televised hockey gone by, while Anth (refusing to be co-opted) "sticks" to the usual.

Dave - The Summit Series '72

Bob - Peter Puck

Anth - The best 70's/80's sitcom teleplay workplace sets

Best Episode Ever S4E1 - Wherefore Ruth Buzzi?

This week Anthony (@anthonymarco) is joined by Bob Goyetche (@bobgoyetche) and Dave Brodbeck (@dbrodbeck) as permanent co-hosts. Each week, each co-host will bring their own retro TV memory for discussion and dismemberment.

This week's schedule includes:

Bob bringing The Muppet Show

Dave bringing Shogun and the Epic Miniseries

Anth bringing 70's Superhero television's impact on the superhero genre