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Ah, such a great show...Thanks for bringing it back to the surface. I loved the show/s and remember it as well written, well paced and suspenseful more than creepy. More than that, however, I remember it was hilarious. Seriously...Darren McGavin had deadly timing with serious lines followed by an off hand or under the breath comment to discredit the other character. He also had 'the look' down pat. You know the one, nodding, placating, agreeing with the out of breath, dizzy dame but a quick tight shot on his face and there it is in his eyes is the plea for someone to save him from this obvious nutbar.
Anyway, thanks for the memories. Nice to know I wasn't the only person who loved that show...



Thanks for the feedback and remembrances. As much as I loved McGavin in A Christmas Story, I will remember him in Night Stalker more than any other performance.